Photoshop HDR Plugins for Making Photography Impressive

Creating HDR Photography in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a popular image processing application. It is well-known around the world for professional photographers and for those, who have nothing to do with photography. This app is a set of tools for manipulating and playing with image files. Photoshop gives its users possibility to edit photos, create 3d models or even make images from scratch. There is always something to learn when using Photoshop in your workflow. It seems that there are no limits for this program when we mean photo processing, but we can find one little flaw in it. It is connected with building up HDR photos.

Turn HDR On: Photoshop Secrets

High dynamic range of an image opens new horizons in photography. Photographers can regain what they capture with own eyes on computer screens. The process of creating such pics consists of two steps:

  • Taking shots;
  • Processing images by corresponding software.

The first step depends on the camera features and photographer’s qualification. The second step is a matter of application you choose for merging your shots into one HDR photo. Can users fully rely on Photoshop possibilities and features for creating high dynamic range? To answer the question, let us find out what HDR is and have a closer look at how apps create it.

High dynamic range means the difference between the brightest and the darkest areas of the scene. One shot cannot regain all the details of it because we will get either blown highs or completely black areas in one photo. A series of shots with different exposures solve this problem. Most commonly you will need three bracketed shots with -2/0/+2EV of one scene. Single-exposure image will also fit. After uploading them onto your hard drive, you can proceed to working with Photoshop app. The secret of Photoshop is support of third-party plugins that look like ordinary control inside the app window.

Who can Make HDR with Photoshop?

HDR term may seem difficult or unclear for beginners or sound strange if you have never tried to generate it. However, it is so only from the first sight. All the process takes few seconds and requires just few mouse clicks. Therefore, any person can use Photoshop for making high range pics and enjoy brilliant results. Do you remember what the secret of Photoshop is? Aurora HDR is a plugin that you should download onto your Mac and install it as a plugin. It is the first and the last time when you have to open Aurora application. All your further editing will be in Photoshop app window.

Make your first HDR Photo in Photoshop

If it is your first time to make a high range photo, you will get a great experience with Aurora HDR plugin. If you had some negative tries with generating such pics, it is high time to forget about it. If you had a positive experience, you can feel the difference with a high-quality plugin. A habitual workflow is something that makes life of any photographer easy and monotonous. It is wonderful to predict what you will get tomorrow or in a month but there are no surprises at all. What does aurora HDR provides for its users?  Experts in photography state that plugins improve photographers’ workflow by providing both predictable results and many stunning surprises.

Users spend few seconds on downloading, installing and adding Aurora to Photoshop. Open bracketed images a single-exposure shot you want to edit, make a new layer for each shot and make them all visible. Next step is to click on Filter tab and find the line of Macphun Software. Click on it and on Create HDR. If you need, tick chromatic Aberration Reduction and click Create HDR. That is all you have to do to generate your first high range photo. If you are happy with the photo you see, click Apply to return to Photoshop. If not, continue editing to make the image look perfect.

Why choosing Aurora HDR  for Photoshop?

Why do people choose this or that software? What can influence your decision? That is right, we all choose the things we need or want. What are the requirements you consider a great HDR software should meet? You will find technical specs of Aurora plugin proving that it is worth using for HDR photos in Photoshop.

  1. Fast and reliable tone mapping algorithm provides realistic results. If your goal is a natural look of the scene, there is no need in further image processing.
  2. It supports native RAW, TIFF, PNG and JPG file formats. It means you can create HDR from images of different quality. You never know when you suddenly come across a stunning scene, so pics of low quality will also suit.
  3. One-click presets let you edit group of files in a similar way in short time. You can create, save and export your personal presets or import presets by other Aurora users.
  4. Layers and Masking tools give you more freedom for adding or adjusting necessary details to the photograph.
  5. Advanced denoise tool removes grainy fields without blurring them. It is a powerful tool that you can use for selective or global editing.
  6. Selective color saturation, vibrancy, tone and contrast controls allow you to manipulate with the effect of your HDR shot.
  7. Side-by side comparison is a very convenient feature to view a real image editing process.

A New Look at Photoshop: HDR Inside Look

People keep best moments of life in memory, but it is a tricky thing that wipes off more and more details with each year or decade. Photography became a great breakthrough providing all living beings in possibility to capture and save these moments on paper first and now on hard drives. HDR photos are worth creating, but only by means of a reliable app or plugin. If you use Photoshop in your workflow, than Aurora HDR is the best choice for merging pics onto one high dynamic range masterpiece. Turn your life onto a new page of realistic or even extreme photography effects.

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