49 Best Lightroom Presets

Adobe Lightroom is one of the top editing programs available. This software has a myriad of awesome features giving users full control over the RAW editing process.

The only issues with Lightroom however is that the editing process can be time-consuming. If you have to edit each photo individually, the process can take hours. Consider this – for each phot, a user could change 20+ different parameters such as highlights, shadows, contrast and clarity. Moreover, local adjustments, gradient filters and tone shifts could also be added.

It is not uncommon to spend 20 minutes editing a single image. If you have hundreds of photos to process, imagine the time this would take! This is why Lightroom presets are vital.

What are Lightroom presets?

Lightroom presets are pre-determined filters that can be quickly applied to your photos. Presets are usually created manually by a user. The process is simple:

1. Fully edit a photo to the style you require
2. Click on “Develop” then, “New preset”
3. Choose a title and select which parameters you wish to save
4. Save the preset

This preset should now be saved and available to apply to future images. To hasten the editing process, the web is packed full of awesome presets that developers and photographers have produced. These presets could emulate different photography styles. Moreover, presets could emulate different artistic styles such as monotone or retro.

If you want to speed up the editing process, we have gathered over 50 awesome Lightroom presets for your benefit. These presets cover a myriad of different styles and the list contains both free and premium items:

1. Sepia Presets

Cost – Free

Sepia Presets from fixthephoto.com offers 10 different presets based on the sepia tonal effect. The presets use a variety of contrasts and highlight changes to create fantastic sepia photos. Some are dark and brooding, whilst others are light and warm. Sepia Presets are perfect for retro portrait photography or even occasions such as weddings.

2. Altphotos Presets

Cost – Free

Altphotos have created an awesome set of varied Lightroom presets that emulate different styles. This pack contains 10 free presets including monhighcon, Warmcol, Darcool and Sepicol. These presets are subtle and slightly alter the highlights, colors and shadows of your images to create fantastic retro finishes.

3. Shutter Pules Presets 

Cost – Free

Shutter Pules offer 20 epic Lightroom presets as a free gift to their subscribers – all you have to do is sign up to their email newsletter. The presets offer a variety of styles such as old film, vintage matte, glory days, light leak and faded B&W film. The presets are excellent quality and offer great creative variance.

4. Vintage Vixen

Cost – Free

Vintage Vixen is a Lightroom preset aimed at fashion photography and digital marketing. The preset creates a washed out look complete with a bright tone curve. Moreover, the image temperate is increased to provide warm and welcoming tons. This is excellent for social media posts and blog images.

5. Deep Matte 

Cost – Free

The Deep Matte preset is developed by Exposure Empire. This site has a plethora of awesome Lightroom presets including this treasure. Deep Matte offers an interesting transformation that could be used for Instagram images or blog posts. Colors are muted slightly, and a fade effect is added too.

6. Color Pop 

Cost – $19.00

Photographypla.net have developed a simple but effective Lightroom preset that greatly boosts colors and saturation in your images. The Color Pop preset turns a dull photo into a vivid masterpiece. Landscape photography in particular can benefit from this superb preset.

7. Warm Retro 

Cost – Free

Retro Lightroom presets are some of the most popular available – who doesn’t love an authentic vintage photo? The Warm retro preset looks amazing. It can turn your photo into an artistic behemoth. The warm tones are subtle, and there is also a light fade applied – brilliant for portraits and fashion photography.

8. Skin Tone 

Cost – Free

Skin Tone is an excellent preset from Photonify.com that concentrates predominantly on portrait skin tones. The preset has been created by professional photographers and adds subtle definition to the skin tones of portrait subjects. The difference isn’t huge, but the changes made really bring portrait shots to life.

9. Hollywood Presets 

Cost – Free

The Hollywood Collection from Presetpro contains a host of fantastic styles. Users can download two of these presets for free, or purchase the whole pack. The preset is inspired by retro Hollywood films from a bygone era – expect different tones such as sepia and reduce saturation effects.

10. Rockwell Warm

Cost – Free

To obtain the Rockwell Warm presets from Presetpro, users must sign up and create an account. The preset provides a cinematic look that enhances photo details. Colors are reduced slightly in a minimal saturation effect, but the clarity and contrast are boosted as a result – the overall effect looks fantastic.

11. BeArt Presets 

Cost – Free

BeArt have created a high-quality preset collection that is completely free. This package contains a myriad of useful filters in some awesome styles. Each preset has been carefully created by professionals and emulates a range of styles such as retro, reduced color, and matte styles.

12. Urban Presets 

Cost – Free

Fstopspot.com present a selection of Lightroom presets perfect for use in street photography. Within the collection, users gain access to 10 different presets; each of which emulates a different urban style. Styles include grunge (in a myriad of color choices), Urban Grain, and Urban Vignette.

13. The Hub 

Cost – Free

The Hub offers a selection of black and white presets. If you work with black and white images regularly, these presets can add additional detail to your work. The styles boost tones and contrast, but also improve clarity and detail – your B&W photos will have much greater depth.

14. Lightgram 

Cost – Free

Lightgram offer a great collection of presets with 15 different options to choose from. Each preset has been carefully crafted and looks superb. Examples of presets include Ain, Moscow, Heather, Aloha, Baobab and Red Maple. Baobab for example is a black and white preset, whilst Red Maple adds warm tones and muted colors.

15. Skyfall 

Cost – Free

Skyfall is a fantastic preset that adds clarity, detail and sombre colors to landscape photography. This preset is presented by Freelightroompresets.co and is completely free to download. The clarity and contrast are boosted which give darker tones to your photography. Moreover, there is a fade effect too – perfect for vintage shots or stunning landscape photography.

16. Grain and Film

Cost – Free

This preset pack was developed by ON1 – ON1 produce high-quality photo editing software. As you would expect, this preset adds varying levels of grain to your images. Moreover, it adds a fantastic film effect to photos. If you want artistic styling for your images, the Grain and Film pack is a great choice.

17. Vintage Film

Cost – $29.00

This is our second Photographypla.net entry – a brilliant vintage film preset. The preset is called Aged Sepia and it does exactly as described – the preset applies a sepia color tone and reduces saturation to produce an excellent film effect. Aged Sepia is part of a larger pack containing 30 different vintage presets.

18. Landscape Vibrations

Cost – Free

ON1 have provided another great preset pack from developers Sleeklens. Within this pack, users can try out 30 different presets. These presets are particularly useful for landscape photography and can emulate a range of styles. For example, Breaking Dawn and Classic Sunset add warm colors to emulate different time periods of the day.

19. High Tide

Cost – Free

High Tide is another fantastic preset from Freelightroompresets.co. This free Lightroom preset is aimed primarily at coastal landscape shots containing water and colourful skies. The transformation is subtle, but the end result is superb.

20. Beautiful Sunrise

Cost – Free

Beautiful Sunrise is an exceptional product best suited for landscape photography. Base image settings are altered to provide an image with more detail and warmth. Furthermore, colors and temperate are increased to reflect typical conditions found during a sunrise – the end effect is wonderful.

21. Trey Ratcliff Presets

Cost – Free

Trey Ratcliffe is a legendary photographer whose work is renowned. This preset pack from ON1 has been created by Trey himself and features presets suitable for landscape and nature photography. The presets ad beautiful bright radial effects and inject additional color into photos.

22. Winter Wonderland

Cost – Free

This pack is available through ON1 but is produced by Contrastly who feature several times on this list. If you want to create winter masterpieces, this is a great preset pack to try. Image styles include black & white, dehaze and desaturation – all of which are crafted to create winter tones.

23. Red Dawn I

Cost – Free

Red Dawn I is a gimmicky preset but still useful and fun to try out. This preset adds a vivid red hue to your photography. Moreover, it improves contrast and brings out additional detail in your images. The end product is essentially a red, black, and white photo with enhanced details.

24. Cinematic HDR

Cost – Free

If you require bold photos that look like a scene from a dramatic film, Cinematic HDR preset is a must-have tool for Lightroom. This preset adds clarity, contrast and enhanced detail to your photos. The end result looks superb – photos look deep with a vast amount of detail and color.

25. High Contrast

Cost – Free

High Contrast puts a fantastic spin on black and white photography. This preset shows that black and white photography is more than simply removing color. It adds additional detail by boosting contrast and clarity – the black and white shots look fantastic and are bursting with detail.

26. Vintage Lightroom Presets

Cost – Free

Here we have some more excellent vintage photo presets. This bundle contains two free presets – Classic II and Misty Lightroom which both provide fantastic vintage effects.

27. Intense Warm

Cost – Free

Some warm Lightroom presets have a tendency to make images orange. Intense Warm refrains from doing this – the warm effect is subtle but still effective.

28. Instant Hipster

Cost – Free

Hipster presets are always popular and Instant Hipster is no different. This superb set of effects transforms your images into a variety of trendy styles. Some have reduced saturation whilst others create a warm retro effect. There is 20 different presets to choose from and each one offers something different.

29. Cold Fact

Cost – Free

In contrast to the warm presets shown, Cold Fact provides a cold preset that adds subtle hints of winter to your images. The effect isn’t overwhelming, but it creates a fantastic difference.

30. Landscape

Cost – Free

This preset created by Photonify balances highlights and shadows to create fantastic mid-tones. For landscape photography the effect is superb.

31. Orange & Teal

Cost – Free

Orange and teal are two colors that complement each other. This preset plays on this fact and creates an effect that looks like popular cinematic styles.

32. Cross processing

Link – http://photographypla.net/free-cross-processed-lightroom-preset/%20
Cost – Free

Cross processing effects can sometimes look awful – the color balance can be all wrong. This cross processing preset however achieves a fantastic and balanced end result.

33. Cosmic Dance

Cost – Free

Cosmic Dance is a great preset that boosts the detail and clarity in your images. If you want to create photos that look bold and make a huge impact, Cosmic Dance is a fantastic choice.

34. Lomo Effect

Cost – Free

Lomography filters are quite popular – the overall effects looks fantastic.

35. Spring

Cost – Free

This spring Lightroom preset finds a fantastic balance between the cold tones of winter, and the overly warm tones of summer. The soft tones and vivid color create an exceptional end photo.

36. Shotkit Bundle

Cost – Free

Shotkit have created a bundle of 25 epic presets that add life and vivacity into your photos. The presets are premium and have been professionally created. The pack contains a range of presets such as Agfa Color Portrait, Konica Minolta and HDR Low Exposure.

37. Ultra Pop   

Cost – Free

Sometimes you want your images to have awesome saturation – Ultra Pop is a pack of presets that helps you achieve this. The pack contains 20 different presets all of which provide a fantastic punch of color.

38. Morning Seascape

Cost – Free

Tim Hill has created an exceptional preset is perfect for us in golden hour photography. The preset will pump up colors and bring out extra detail. It is completely free, but Tim appreciates donations!

39. Busy City

Cost – Free

Sometimes street or city photography can be underwhelming – lighting and colors can be unbalanced. Busy City addresses these issues and helps give street photography highlights, additional brightness and detail.

40. Soft Skin

Cost – Free

Fix The Photo bring a collection of 20 different presets suitable for portrait photography. Different presets include black & white, color pop, cinematic and cold shadows.

41. Boudoir

Cost – Free

This specific presets creates fantastic artistic shots for boudoir photography. The presets can be used for other purposes however. The boudoir chocolate preset for example darkens the image and adds darker overtones.

42. Mini Enlighten

Cost – Free

Mcp Actions present this set of fantastic Mini Enlighten Lightroom presets. If you have dark photography with a host of shadows, Mini Enlighten will brighten the shot and create a fantastic lightened end product.

43. Grace

Cost – Free

The Grace preset is simple but effective. This preset specifically lightens shadows without damaging the overall look of your photo.

44. Silver Lining

Cost – Free

Nicole S. Young has developed a simple preset that transforms photos into subtle black and white images. The colors are predominantly white and grey which give the photo a silver contrast.

45. Greater than Gatsby

Cost – Free

Greater than Gatsby contains 10 awesome free presets spanning a range of different categories. Presets you can find include the notorious black & white shot and hopscotch preset that boosts colors and warmth.

46. Valley Isle Sampler

Cost – Free

This sample set of Lightroom presets is perfect for creating realistic shots. A slight peach tone is added to each photo whilst the overall contrast is softened.

47. Ultimate Fighter Look

Cost – Free

This grungy preset aims to recreate cinema styles used in films such as 300. The gritty, dark and bold preset really does bring out detail and is perfect for sports shots and martial arts photography.

48. No Man Before Travel

Cost – Free

No Man Before Travel is a superb travel blog that also has a Lightroom preset pack. The presets provide warmth and softness to your travel snaps – these are perfect if you wish to create stylish sunset or sunrise pics.

49. Voodoo Lounge

Cost – Free

Voodoo Lounge adds additional contrast, shadows and reduced color to photos. The effect is fantastic for both landscape and city photography.

Why not set your creativity alight and use these awesome presets to improve your photography and digital artwork? Remember that these presets can also be edited afterwards. If you want to make individual changes you can do so – you could even save the preset as a new format for future use.

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