Photoshop Actions: 100+ Actions To Choose From

Adobe Photoshop is undoubtedly one of the most feature-packed photo editors available for use today. It’s a complete solution for editing photos whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional. It comes with countless tools and effects that can be mixed and matched with each other to achieve a unique look every single time.

However, as most professionals would know, experimenting with different tools and effects, and tweaking the settings of each to get a balanced look, in the end, can take hours of hard work. That is why Photoshop Actions are so important to have handy. An Action is basically a combination of settings packed into a single-click tool that can instantly change the look of your photos.

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Real Estate Photography: Using HDR Photography Techniques for Better Photos

Real estate photography, just like many other specialized kinds of photography, has its own quirks that one needs to be aware of before taking a leap into commercial photography in this genre. With real estate photography pricing getting higher and higher, you have to know how to improve your real estate photography before you can hope to make a career out of it.

Professional real estate photography demands that the property is showcased in a near-perfect way, with great lighting, composition, and details. But as many of you would know, that is not always the case because you cannot control every single situation while taking photos. Maybe the sun is very bright, or the sky is too overcast, or the interior lighting isn’t great. That is why one of the best real estate photography tips you will ever get is to shoot in HDR.

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HDR Photography: Dynamic Range, Exposure Compensation and Merging Explained

HDR photography is a specialized method of taking photos that is becoming more and more popular among photographers who deal with landscapes and real estate. HDR architecture shots can often be seen posted on social media, and they have a certain look to them that is not attainable with a normal photo. That is mainly due to the fact that such HDR images have more dynamic range than a normal photo would have.

If you’ve been asking yourself, “What does HDR mean?”, then you’re at the right place. Let’s take a look at HDR photography in detail and help you understand what exactly is HDR.

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Best Laptops for Photo Editing

It’s not a secret among photographers that photo editing is a big part of the job. Modern camera sensors have grown so much that it’s almost a crime not to take photos in RAW and then take them into a photo editor to eke out all the detail you can from them and make them look as great as possible.

To get into serious photo editing, however, you need a good laptop. The best laptops for photo editing are those with a good combination of CPU and GPU, as both are important in running the top photo editing software available today.

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Luminance HDR Alternative

If you’ve ever been interested in HDR photography, you know how much it depends on what software you use to blend your images together. Many HDR editors can be used these days, each having something the other ones don’t. The editor you choose will always depend on what you need it to do well. One of the top HDR editors available today is Luminance HDR. Let’s take a look at how well it does, and then discuss some great alternatives. more “Luminance HDR Alternative”

Photomatix Pro Alternative

The technique of developing an HDR image can also be referred to as tone-mapping. This process is the expansion of the dynamic variety of values of an image. What this means is that an HDR image has more detail both in the shadows of the scene as well as the highlights. So if you’re tired of seeing a blown out sky in your photos or shadows that look blacker than they are, then HDR photography might be the perfect option for you. more “Photomatix Pro Alternative”

HDR Plugin

Finding the correct HDR plugin can change your photo editing experience for the better in unimaginable ways. It can add useful features in your current software and help you broaden your photography skills. more “HDR Plugin”