75 Best Photography Books

It’s common to assume it’s impossible to improve photography by reading photography books. Since your job as a photographer is to have the necessary equipment and just shoot using it, the theoretical explanation of how to do it seems unnecessary. All you need is a camera, a model, and many hours of practice.

Well, it’s true that gaining all the photography skills by reading some pages of a photography book is questionable. But that doesn’t mean all the texts are useless. A good photography book does a good job to improve photography knowledge. It inspires and offers some new photoshoot ideas.  

But the best photography books are even better. They do a great job of these tasks!

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50+ Best Photoshop Effects

Photoshop is one of those software programs in which you can do so much that it’s simply hard to describe. From retouching portraits to completely changing the look of a bland image you took, everything is possible here. A large part of this process relies on the use of Photoshop filters and Photoshop Effects. Photoshop Effects, in particular, are great for making quick changes to images of different kinds.

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